Thursday, July 5, 2018

Camille Rose Naturals Latte Define Leave-In-Conditioner

Natural Hair Care:
Camille Rose Natural's Latte Define Leave-In-Conditioner
Camille Rose Naturals is one of my top favorite natural hair brands. Their leave-In-collection use to be very hard to get because every time they released it, it would be sold out so fast I could never get my hands on them. Finally, they each are now sold separately on their website and in Target stores. For the past few months, I have been using the Honey Hydrate which I freaking love, I finally got a chance to try the Camille Rose Natural's Latte Define Leave-In-Conditioner this rich and creamy leave-in is formulated with pectin infused water, black cumin, and sunflower seed oils to add intense hydration, shine and define your curls. Retail Price: $13.00-$15.00

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I have been using these 2 together every day and I love them, my hair has not been dry and my curls are popping.


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