Friday, April 13, 2018

Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave-In-Conditioner

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Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave-In-Conditioner
Those of you who are familiar with the Camille Rose brand know about The Leave-In-Collection, a collection set of three leave-in-conditioners Honey, Latte & Herbal Tea. Every time it was available on the website it would be sold out in less than an hour, now The leave-In-collection is now available permanently and sold separately at: &

I finally got a chance to try the one I was interested in testing out the most Camille Rose Naturals Honey Hydrate Leave-In-Conditioner a super hydrating golden honey based leave-in-conditioner that provides intense moisture for the driest hair. This is formulated with rich ingredients honey, olive oil, castor oil, aloe vera juice and caramel to hydrate your curls. Retail Price: $13.99-$15.00
This stuff is amazing I waited so long to try this and it was well worth the wait. It has a honey texture that blends easily into the hair and it smells just like honey.  This hydrates and defines my curls like you wouldn't believe.



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