Friday, September 22, 2017

The Honey Pot Company Natural Feminine Care

Feminine Care:
The Honey Pot Company Natural Feminine Care
Stay fresh with The Honey Pot Company an all natural plant-based feminine care. As a woman, there are so many things that can throw your balance off, hay it happens. A lot of feminine care products use irritating fragrances and ingredients that will only cause more problems down there. The Honey Pot Company Natural Feminine Care is an all natural organic plant-based feminine care ranging from feminine wash, cleansing wipes to pantiliners and herbal-infused pads. All of their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and chemical free. Their feminine wash is gynecologist approved, clinically tested and ph balanced. The honey pot company only uses natural ingredients to prevent irritation of the skin.

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Sensitive Wash- A gentle plant-based foaming wash for sensitive skin formulated with lavender, apple, and coconut. Available in two sizes. Retail Price: $6.99-$9.99

Review: This stuff is amazing I really like it. It has a light lavender scent, it's gentle on the skin and I feel so fresh and clean after using this.
Sensitive Wipes- Plant-based fragrance-free gentle wipes for intimate parts, body, and face. Formulated with coconut, aloe vera and cucumber to naturally cleanse, cool and refresh the skin. Retail Price: $9.99

Review: These are perfect I put them in my bag when I am on the go, they are gentle on the skin, fragrance-free and leave me feeling fresh. I also put these in my gym bag for a refresher after a sweaty workout.
Herbal-Infused Pads with Wings (Super) - Plant-based herbal pads infused with lavender, rose mint essential oils and aloe and with wings for extra protection. These are made with a super absorbent technology to reduce odor, relieve dryness, discomfort, cramping and help prevent leakage and accidents. Retail Price: $7.99

Review: coming soon !!!



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  1. Finding non-irritant feminine care products is so hard. I’m glad Honey Pot Company decided to come out with these products. They look good to me.


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