Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay

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The Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay
This year I changed my whole beauty routine by going natural and using more non-toxic products. I recently discover Bentonite Clay. Ok, let me tell you about this amazing clay. Bentonite Clay is a 100% natural clay formed from volcanic ash and loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that naturally removes toxins, impurities & bacteria.  Retail Price: ranging from $4.99-$15.00

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Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay: 
Treats acne & blemishes
unclogs pores
removes impurities
draws out toxins  
helps with skin irritation & insect bites
heals eczema & psoriasis
improves the skin leaving more youthful
removes heavy metals & absorbs toxins from the body
improves digestive system 
boost the immune system
cleans liver & colon
helps prevent constipation & diarrhea 
removes bacteria from the body
helps with morning sickness
detox armpits
improve oral care
detoxifies hair & scalp
Strengthens hair & adds shine
Defines curls
I love, love, love this clay, I mix it with aloe juice, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and filtered water for a mask. I use this on my face and hair the results are amazing. I have already noticed a big difference. I also put a scoop in a half in a glass of water and drink it to help detox my body. Good stuff and it doesn't taste like anything. I really wish I knew about this clay a long time ago because I have been enjoying the results.


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