Monday, April 17, 2017

Gillette Venus Waterless Disposable Razor

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Gillette Venus Waterless Disposable Razor 
My favorite thing about shopping at the drugstore is that you can always find small things that you really need in the travel size section. Travel size products are perfect for when you're on the go and you need something that is going to fit in your purse or travel bag. I recently purchased the new Gillette Venus Waterless Disposable Razor a mini size razor that is waterless so you can shave anywhere, anytime without being in the shower. This a single disposable razor with a lubricating soft gel with aloe is stored inside the razor handle. It also includes a cleaning pad to clean the shaved area. Retail Price: $4.99

This is great when I shave in the shower it takes time which I don't mind when I have the time but, this mini disposable is perfect for those days where you have to go and you don't have time. This is an easy way to clean your legs up without a mess, you shave and whatever gel is left over you just massage onto your legs. I really like this razor plus it's gentle on the skin, I do like to apply and argan oil or moisturizer when I finish shaving. 


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