Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Conditioner

Natural Hair Care:
Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Conditioner 
When it comes to shea moisture products you don't have to have natural hair to use their products because they work on all hair types. They recently released their newest collection 100% virgin coconut oil daily hydration omg !!!!! This is one to really be excited about. Now, I wasn't able to get my hands on the shampoo because it was sold out at the CVS that I went too but, I was able to purchase the conditioner. Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Conditioner is a rich & creamy daily conditioner that rehydrates, soften, reduce frizz and detangles the hair. Formulated with a blend of nourishing ingredients Shea Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk and Acacia Senegal. Retail Price: $10.99
Coconut Oil- antioxidant vitamin E nourishes while natural triglycerides help retain moisture.
Coconut Milk- conditioning properties smooth and soften hair.
Acacia Senegal- locks in moisture to support hair elasticity and suppleness.

Available at: www.cvs.com

I am so excited about this conditioner it has a rich and creamy texture and adds intense moisture and hydration to my hair, This conditioner also left my hair super soft. You can use this as a deep conditioner or as a co-wash you decide, I used it both ways. This is most definitely one of my new favorite Shea Moisture products, as soon as I can get my hands on the shampoo I will post a review.


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  1. Hi , do you think this line is suitable for low porosity hair?


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