Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Use Coconut Water To Refresh Your Skin

Use Coconut Water To Refresh Your Skin
Today I am going to share with you one of my best and favorite beauty tips. Summer time is here and I am going to show you a how to get healthier more radiant skin in just one simple step. Coconut Water yes pure coconut water is the key to beautiful skin. Coconut water is rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and has many health benefits. Drinking this hydrating water can naturally improve your health detoxifying the body, improving the digestive system, lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol and helping with weight loss to name a few. 
Coconut Water has many amazing skin care benefits it is super hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenates the skin. You can use it as a toner because it naturally evens out your skin tone leaving the skin with a healthy glow, helps prevent wrinkles and acne leaving the skin more youthful-looking, clear and radiant. If you have oily skin coconut water helps get rid any of excess oil and is perfect for any hair types adding moisture to dry hair. 

What I do is super simple I take a water spray bottle pour pure coconut water from a coconut in the bottle and spray it onto my skin. This will help keep your skin hydrated and fresh all day long, I use this as part of my summer beauty routine it's a great way to keep your skin cool, healthy and more vibrant. 

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