Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Infused Detangler Comb

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Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Detangler Comb
I really don't know how I found this comb??? I think I was on the internet searching for new products and I came across coconut infused combs, After reading lots of good reviews you know I had to give it a try. Available at: & I purchased the Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Detangler Comb a large detangler comb infused with coconut oil to hydrate, soften and smooth the hair and keratin protein to improve strength, shine, manageability and reduce frizz. After purchasing this comb I was so confused on how this worked, but after reading the back of the package I realized that the coconut oil and keratin protein is infused in the plastic which I find very interesting.  Retail Price: $5.99

Review: So far I really like this comb, because my hair is natural I always have to detangle my hair when I wash, co-wash or deep condition. This comb easily glides across my curls leaving my hair smooth and without tangles. I also love the big handle which makes it easier to comb through my thick hair.  There is no residue left behind from this comb. I am still scratching my head I just don't understand how they got the coconut oil and keratin in the comb, but it is a really good comb.

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