Friday, March 4, 2016

Skinny Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil Vanilla Sugar Scrub

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Skinny Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil Vanilla Sugar Scrub
You guys know how much I love coconut oil and coconut products because coconut has amazing healing benefits from health and skin to hair. I recently discovered this company Skinny Coconut Oil, They produce 100% Raw cold pressed coconut oil from Vietnam. They also make skin care products like coconut oil pulling oil, whipped body butter, natural soap and more. So I finally made my first purchase from and I decide to go with their newest product Coconut Oil Scrub. This Coconut Oil Vanilla Sugar Scrub is 100% natural made with only 3 ingredients 100% raw cold-pressed coconut oil, exfoliating coconut sugar and soothing vanilla bean. Retail Price: $30.00

Review: I was so impressed with this sugar scrub I want to start by saying that it smells delicious!!!!!!  you might just want to eat it. This coconut sugar scrub is also 100% natural and vegan so I love that about this product. The vanilla beans and coconut sugar make this a gentle scrub that will leave your skin super soft and smooth with a healthy glow and it is so moisturizing and hydrating that you don't even need to use a moisturizer. This scrub is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You can even use as a lip scrub.

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