Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fresh Cocoa Exfoliating Body Soap

Bath and Body:
Fresh Cocoa Exfoliating Body Soap
Dark Chocolate has amazing health and skincare benefits. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, nutrients and hydrates the skin leaving you with a more smooth glowing complexion. I recently purchased a new product from Fresh Beauty, Fresh Cocoa Exfoliating Body Soap is a triple mild soap made with a blend of natural crushed Cocoa and Coconut shell powders to gently exfoliate and buff away dull skin. Coconut oil, Cocoa and Shea Butters help nourish and soften the skin. Retail Price: $16.50
Available at: www.sephora.com & www.fresh.com

My thoughts on this product:
First I want to start by saying a love chocolate skincare products so as soon as I saw the new Fresh Cocoa Exfoliating Body Soap I went to Sephora to pick it up. This bar smells delicious you might just want to eat it. As soon as you add water you get a rich creamy lather and it's super moisturizing and gentle on the skin.


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