Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kiss True Volume Lashes

Kiss True Volume Lashes
Recently I have enjoyed wearing false lashes as long as they look natural. I finally got a chance to try some lashes from the Kiss True Volume Collection, posh lashes and Chic lashes. I am truly impressed with these lashes, The Kiss True Volume Lashes are special because they are made with 100% natural hair and the natural plump resembles natural eyelash with tapered ends. Retail Price: $3.99
Wearing lashes are a new thing for me, The real reason why I would never wear false lashes was because I hated when women would wear those super dramatic lashes that look really fake. What I came to realize is that there are lashes that give you that volume you want and look natural at the same time. I have used the Ardell natural lashes and I really like them, But I honestly love the Kiss True Volume Lashes they look so natural and beautiful and give me the fullness that I want. I even put a pair to the test by wearing them all day and sleeping in them just to see if they would come off and they stayed on and I wore them for a few more hours the next day. If your careful with them you can at least get one reuse out of them but, I would make sure to wash them and I also really like the Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive it holds well and is formulated with Aloe. Ya!! these are my favorite lashes so far.
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 Reused I cleaned them and brushed them back in the original shape

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