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Keep Your Skin Radiant and Healthy in Just 4 Easy Steps

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Keep Your Skin Radiant and Healthy in Just 4 Easy Steps
Makeup can make your skin look flawless and that's nice and all, But if you really want your makeup to look flawless It starts with your skin. Keeping your body healthy is the key to radiant skin. It's not just about your skincare routine, It also has to do with how you treat your body from the inside and out. Here are 4 easy steps to keep your skin more radiant and healthy leaving you with a natural glow that will have everyone wanting to know your skincare secrets.
Step 1: Drink Lots of Water- One of the best steps to getting healthy skin is water, Water naturally hydrates the skin and removes toxins from the body giving your skin a natural healthy glow. Water also helps reduce signs of aging and improves your skins complexion.
Step 2: Eating Healthy & Detox-What you put in your body has a big effect on your skin. If you choose to eat fatty, greasy and junk foods it will result into patchy skin and breakouts. When you eat clean and healthy foods the results can be amazing leaving you with healthier skin. When you detox you are naturally getting rid of nasty toxins in the body. Water with lemon is high in vitamin C which helps boost your energy, improves your digestive system and rejuvenates the skin. Juicing and smoothies are made with fruits, vegetables and other ingredients rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants improving your skin and health. Exercise also slows down signs of aging.

Step 3: Get Plenty of Sleep and Relax- Getting  at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep can improve your skin 100%, Leaving you to wake up with a more radiant complexion. Have you ever notice that when you don't get enough rest your skin tends to look tired and dull. When you don't get enough rest it can become a form of stress on the skin and body. Stay away from stress, get rest and relax from time to time this will result in leaving your skin looking healthier, younger and more radiant. Think of sleep as a beauty boost for your skin.
Step 4: Never Sleep in Your Makeup- It is so important to not sleep in your makeup this can cause bacteria to build up in the skin which can lead to breakouts and blemishes. If you are tired at nights and think you could easily end up sleeping in your makeup invested in makeup wipes. Makeup wipes are a quick and easy way to remove all your makeup from the skin.
Ways to help your skin when wearing makeup: 
Keep it light use a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or a sheer to medium coverage foundation so your skin can still breath
Use a face mist to refresh your skin when wearing makeup, This contains ingredients that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help rejuvenate the skin
Wash your makeup brushes and sponges at least every two weeks
Check to see when your makeup expires and get rid of it when it does
Wearing a primer keeps a barrier between your skin and makeup, Primers also leave the skin more smooth and won't clog pores


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