Monday, November 16, 2015

Farmacy Beauty Honey Ginger Lip Bloom

Lips Care:
Farmacy Beauty Honey Ginger Lip Bloom 
Farmacy Beauty is a New irritant-free, bioactive skin care line made with farm fresh ingredients and echinacea greenenvy loaded with natural antioxidants. Farmacy Beauty Honey Ginger Lip Bloom with echinacea greenenvy is a moisture replenishing and protective lip treatment. This herb-infused balm is formulated with Echinacea Greenenvy a potent antioxidant that firms and protect the skin, Honey to soothing leaving the skin softer, Caster Seed Oil a plant base protective film that helps preserve natural hydration levels, Sunflower Seed Oil high in Vitamin E and fatty acids omega 6 helps maintain the skin's barrier sealing in moisture. Retail Price: $16.50 Available at:  &

This was my first time trying something from Farmacy Beauty and I really like the honey ginger lip bloom it smells like honey ginger tea, goes on smooth and soothes dry skin leaving my lips soft. My only complaint is that the moisture doesn't last super long, so you do have to reapply. 


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