Friday, August 21, 2015

Proper Care When Wearing Contact Lenses

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Proper Care When Wearing Contact Lenses
I have been wearing contacts for 18 year's now since I was a teen and believe me if anyone knows how important it is to take care of contacts it's me. I have been guilty in the past for not taking care of my contacts, Let's just say lesson learned. If you don't take proper care of your contact lenses it can lead to serious eye infections and in some cases depending on the damage it can also lead to blindness. Here are some safe tips that will help you properly care for your lenses
Important Tips:
Always wash your hands before applying and removing your contact lenses, This will protect your eyes from germs and bacteria
Start with a clean face, The worst thing is trying to put your contacts on and get mascara on your lenses
Clean your contact case at least once a week and replace them every few months
Listen to your doctor and replace your lenses when wearing disposables, wearing old lenses can lead to an eye infection
When taking contacts off always rinse them in the solution, This will clean and disinfect your contacts
Try your best not to sleep with your contacts on, The last thing you want is to wake up with your lenses up in your eye somewhere
Take Care of Your Eyes:
Taking care of your eyes is the most important step when wearing contacts
Eye care is important and your eyes go through changes every year, Make sure you visit your Ophthalmologist for your yearly eye exam
Use disposable lenses, Disposable lenses are more refreshing on the eyes
Use lubricant eye drops this will help keep your eyes moist preventing dryness
Give your eyes a break and a chance to breath, Wear your glasses sometimes your eyes need to rest
I hope these tips help,  Thank You for reading!!!!!!!


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