Thursday, June 18, 2015

Proganix Quench Coconut H2O Shampoo Moisturizing + Nourish

Natural Hair Care:
Proganix Quench Coconut H2O Shampoo Moisturizing + Nourish
Proganix is a new natural hair care line from Ogx Beauty. A combination of nature and science progranix has a unique formula that unleash breakthrough technology, with concentrates up to 200x more potent than their raw natural state. The progranix collection is available in six different formulas Quench, Repair, Anti-Fade, Smooth, Curls and Volume. I decided to try out the Quench formula because I have natural hair and my hair can be very dry at times. Proganix Quench Coconut H2O Shampoo Moisturizing + Nourish is a super hydrating and nourishing shampoo made with a blend of rich raw ingredients aloe, coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut water supercharged with electrolytes. Retail Price: $6.00-$9.99

My thoughts on this product:
This is one of my favorite shampoos right now, My hair can be extremely dry at times and this shampoo deeply hydrates my hair leaving my curls super soft. The lather is rich and the fresh coconut scent is delightful.

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