Saturday, June 27, 2015

Palmolive Ultra Soft Touch Coconut Butter Dish Washing Liquid

Palmolive Soft Touch Coconut Butter Dish Washing Liquid
Just like most women when at home I do the dishes, Most of the time washing the dishes can cause the skin on your hands to crack, dry out and also causes your nails to become weak. A lot of the formulas from dishwashing liquids can be harsh for your skin. Recently, Palmolive has come up with a new formula that will get your dishes squeaky clean and leave your hands soft while adding moisture. Palmolive Ultra Soft Touch Coconut Butter formula is infused with nurturing ingredients Vitamin E, Aloe Coconut Butter, and Jojoba Butter. Retail Price: $2-$5.00

My Thoughts on this product:
I like this dishwashing liquid my mother and I have always used Palmolive to wash dishes for years, What can I say it does the job. Palmolive Ultra Soft Touch Coconut Butter leaves my dishes clean and hands feeling soft not dry and it smells like fresh coconuts I give this product two thumbs up!!!!!

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