Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Better Yourself

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How To Better Yourself
Every year as people we grow and mature, You learn new things about yourself because every year we experience different changes in our lives. The number one question that we ask ourselves is How Can I Better Myself . Here are some of my tips to help your better yourself .....
Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: how can I better myself ??? 
Break it down
Make positive changes in your life that will help you better yourself
Be fearless, Don't be afraid to make mistakes, Just make sure you learn from them
Never compare yourself to others, everyone is different and follows a different path
Love yourself: Except yourself for who you are, You look like you learn to embrace your own appearance flaws and all.
Live healthier, eat clean and workout
Surround yourself with positive people
Laugh, smile it's a natural therapy
Focus on how you can accomplish your goals no matter what they are example: work on your craft (whatever yours is)
LIVE, Don't stress because life is short
Stop complaining and be thankful for your blessings because there's someone out there who have worse problems then you
Pray because the man upstairs does listen even when you think he's not

By: Anyke Brown 



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