Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dark Skin Embrace Your Beauty

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Dark Skin Embrace Your Beauty
Believe it or not skin color is a big issue in today's society all over the world in many different cultures, mostly in the black community. Over the year's I have notice that it has become a big issue. Not realizing it unto I got older I saw it in Society, Media, Music Videos and Hollywood the list goes on. It started in the days of slavery where your skin color determined your faith as a slave. There is also discrimination about hair texture in the natural hair community. The word for it is Colorism definition: Discrimination based on skin color.
What people don't realize is that just as dark skin women have their struggles, light skin women have the same struggles too. We have to stop the discrimination in our own race, What we need to realize is that black people come in all different shades of color and we should embrace that. It all comes down to loving yourself and who you are inside and out. Beauty has no color, beauty has nothing to do with looks it has to do with the person you are inside, that's what makes you beautiful. Parents have to teach there children that being dark skin is not a bad thing and it doesn't make you any less from anyone else. There is so much self hate this is the problem and I blame the black community, society and the media because this is what we are teaching the youth. we are teaching them that light is better light is beautiful and that you are not as beautiful because you are too Dark. A persons skin color should determine the your level of beauty or your level of success. We have to teach our children that there skin no matter the color is beautiful, you are smart, you can accomplish anything in life, before you can love someone else you have to learn to love yourself, be confident in who you are.

I wrote this post because I have a friend she is dark skin who recently broke up with her ex who is light skin, When they were together they were planing on having a baby. They broke up and her new boyfriend is dark skin like her. We were talking and she was telling me I really like this guy I think we will end up having a baby in the future, But in a way I wish I could of had a baby with my ex because I don't want my baby to come out dark.

Wow words cannot really explain how upset I was to hear her say that. I was so disappointed, It is really sad that a lot of black women think like this. I have another friend who had a baby with a Spanish man just so her daughter can have nicer hair. The problem is so deep in the black community that I really don't know if it can be fixed. It all starts with us...

Remember Black is Beautiful ...........

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