Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Day in Central Park

New York Hot Spot:
A Day in Central Park
                               Central Park New York City
About two weeks ago on a Saturday in New York City, Me and my son decided to spend the day in Central Park. Honestly I have only been to Central Park a few times in my lifetime but, now I think I will start going there a little more often. We really got the chance to explore the park more than ever and it is a beautiful park. At times I felt like I wasn't even in New York anymore, but when you look up the skyline will always remind you where you are.

Nature, picnics, ice cream, hot dog stands, dogs, joggers, performers, artist,and newlyweds there is so much going on in Central Park, New York City's most amazing, beautiful and stunning park. If you never visited this park you should, summer and spring is the best time to come out.
 My Son


 Horse Carriage Rides
 Artist: Annamarie Trombetta


 Boat Rides

Turtle Pond

 Belvedere Castle


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