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The Fashion Club at Benjamin Banneker Academy School in Brooklyn New York

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The Fashion Club at Benjamin Banneker Academy School in Brooklyn New York
A few weeks ago I got the chance of a life time, I got the chance to inspire students from the Benjamin Banneker Academy School in Brooklyn New York to follow there dreams no matter what it is in life that they are trying to accomplish. But, I feel like they inspired me. This was an amazing group of kids, positive, talented and most of all creative minds. This was a special class of students in the school. They are in the Fashion Club I sat down with the schools social worker Deanna Salomon she's been running the Fashion Club program since 2007 grades 9th -10th. In order to be qualified to get in to the Fashion Club, first the students have to audition, they look for students with  potential, creativeness, positive attitude and most important they have to have good grades. If they don't keep their grades to an average they can be let go from the program. This program gives the students a chance to do something positive, so they are not out there making the wrong choices. This is the next generation and we have to show them that there are so many opportunities out there for them to follow their dreams. 

All the students in the fashion club meet with Mrs Salomon twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours. They prepare for a Fashion Show that the school has every spring. Every year the school works with different designer's including young upcoming designer's. The first year they started the program they got a chance to work with Rocawear Clothing, they sponsored all the clothes for the students and models to wear. The students throw fundraisers to help raise money for the fashion show that they have every spring. The Fashion Show is a 2 hour production, they keep things interesting between changes by having talents perform (upcoming artist) this helps to keep all guest entertained. All guest include family, students and industry people.

Something amazing that Mrs Salomon does is, she brings industry people in to help educate the students on the business. This is where I come in, I came in to talk to the students about how to become a blogger, how to promote yourself and your work but, most of all how to follow their dreams. I was very nervous at first but , once we got started it was truly an amazing experience. They asked a lot of questions and I gave the best answers that I could. I saw that these student's where talented, fun, bright and they all had different dreams. The Benjamin Banneker Academy School helps prepare their students for a brighter future.
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Here are some photo's:

Benjamin Banneker Academy

Deanna Salomon
Students working their Cat walk

 Past Fashion Club Students



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