Sunday, December 30, 2012

High Bun Hairstyles

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High Bun Hairstyles
The high bun is a popular hairstyle that has been around for a long time but, lately it has made a big comeback. From the runway to the red carpet to the streets a high bun can be worn in many different ways it's quick, fast and easy even when you are on the go. There are three different styles when it comes to the high bun you have the Sleek Bun for an neat more elegant look , Bun with Bangs which I personally think is such a cute style and the Messy Bun you can wear this look when your on the go or just rock it with a super cute outfit, you can even add a head band. Here are some styles that I really like.....

Sleek Bun

Bun with Bangs

 Messy Bun

So like I said there are so many different unique ways to rock a high bun, find what works for you and have fun making your fashion statement......

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