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DHC Skincare & Beauty: Japanese Skincare

DHC Skincare & Beauty: Japanese Skincare
DHC is the number 1# direct beauty brand in Japan and one of the largest beauty companies in the world. DHC has been around since 1980, their advanced formulations combine unique botanicals with decades of scientific research for results-driven skincare. all of their skincare products are free of fragrances, colorants, parabens and mineral oil. You can purchase DHC products online at:,, & . Ok! how did I hear about DHC? I was given the opportunity to try some of their products I attended the DHC Globetrotting Beauty Blogger Event in NYC. There I received a bag of products to try out. Being at the event also gave me a chance to learn a little more about the company and the products because I never heard about this skincare & beauty line before. Here are the products that I received, I have been using them for about a month in a half now so that I can give you guy's an honest review.

Deep Cleansing Oil
A bestseller this olive oil cleanser removes dirt, makeup and sunscreen completely with ease, rinsing away cleanly. Cleanses with emollient and antioxidant-rich olive oil while effortlessly removing pore-cloggers and even waterproof mascara. water-soluble formula emulsifies into a milky lather, then rinses away completely without residue, leaving your complexion soft and makeup-free, never tight or greasy. Also available in three sizes.

when applying this to my skin it looks, feels and smells like olive oil, this oil cleanser is very gentle on the skin as soon as you add water it turns milky but doesn't have a strong lather. It leaves my skin really clean after use but, It doesn't really do a good job on removing my eye makeup like mascara, at times I find myself going back to get the rest off. besides that this is a good cleansing oil.

Pore Cleansing Oil Available after January 1st, 2013
Pore-minimizing cleansing oil that is made with nine nutrient-packed botanical oils and an amino acid help unclog and minimize the appearance of pores while gently and effectively removing makeup. It also, hydrates the skin and promotes a younger-looking complexion.

If I had to compare the pore cleansing oil to the deep cleansing oil this one is my favorite between to two. why, ok! I will tell you. when applying the pore cleansing oil it doesn't feel oily, it feels more like a gel and I enjoy the scent it smells like fresh fruit. Goes on very gentle with a very light lather, I am a person who never used oil cleansers before and if I had to choose I would choose something like this one where it's more gentle like a gel then oily.

Pore Face Wash Available after January 1st, 2013
Age-defying foaming face wash. Creates a lavish foam to cleanse and exfoliate skin and helps minimize the appearance of pores. Refines the skin's texture with baking soda and fruit juice AHAs for a smooth finish with smaller-looking pores.

Out of all the DHC cleansers that I have used this one is my top favorite, I love the creamy foam texture. This face wash easily removes my eye makeup leaves my skin looking so clean, fresh and not dry. I really, really like this product I found myself using this one more often then the others.

Kakonjuka Essence Available after March 1st, 2013
This moisturizing serum fights fine lines and wrinkles with Japanese and Korean botanicals. Works synergistically with DHC Kakonjuka Lotion and Kakonjuka Cream to soothe, hydrate and promote collagen and elasticity.

Kokonjuka is Japanese for "flower,root,tree,fruit." Six Japanese and Korean botanicals soothe,hydrate and fight fine lines.
Maitake Mushrooms: Source of soothing, line-fighting beta-glucan
Platycara Strobilacea: Rich source of ellagic acid, promotes collagen
Licorice Leaf: Moisturizing , soothing, firming
Great Burnet: Source of soothing , antioxidant saponins
Purslane: Source of omega-3, soothing
Reishi Mushroom: Source of soothing, line-fighting beta-glucan

I like it, it was a little different from other serums that I have used in the past, the color is beige with a hint of grey and has a light thickness to it. Goes on really smooth and a little goes a long way. I use it in the morning after I wash my face I also use it at night. This serum has a lot of moisture so sometimes I don't have to apply a moisturizer. The pump is great too it's easy to use and you save product.

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX
Richly pigmented for attention-grabbing definition, this water-resistant liner dries quickly and is formulated to last and last. The brush tip applicator dispenses just the right amount, so you can confidently add subtle sophistication or create bold, daring looks.

Gel liners are my favorite, this was my first time ever using a liquid eyeliner so I was really excited to give it a try. I was a little nervous because I didn't want to mess up when applying. It's so easy to use and goes on really smooth and sharp so you can't really mess up. I love it !!!! It was nice to try something new and break out of my comfort zone when it comes to liners.
Desighing Pencil Eyeliner Available after February 1st, 2013
Highly Pigmented eyeliner pencil that comes in a range of colors Noir, Cocoa, Teal & Plum. Creates defining lines for a variety of makeup looks. Each eyeliner pencil contains olive oil and squalane to nourish your skin and smooth error-free application. Priced at just $9.50 each

The color that I received was (teal) a beautiful color, this is a great color liner goes on smooth, bright, it last pretty long ans it's easy to remove.
Desiging Pencil Eyebrow Available after February 1st, 2013
Eyebrow pencil in a range of natural colors Black, Black Brown, Brown, Soft Brown, & Grey. Fills in brows for a polishised appearance. These pencils cotain olive oil and squalane to nourish skin. Priced at just $9.50 each

The color I received was (black brown), most of the time which is 99% of the time I use a black pencil on my brows. Since this was a black brow I figured ok!! I will give it a try. The pencil is really nice goes on my brows smooth and sharp so my brows look nice after applying but, I would have to stick to black because brown is just really not for me. Great brow pencil!!!!
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