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Body Bronzing Oils

Fresh Glow:
Body Bronzing Oils

Beautiful weather has arrived!!! so it's time to bring out the sun dresses, shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits when your showing skin, what better way to give your skin a flawless glow .... Body Bronzing Oil will do the trick. Bronzing oil adds a beautiful golden shimmer to your skin no matter your skin tone, it's great to use on your arms and legs to leave you with a sexy sun kissed glow. her are some of my favorite picks that will leave your skin with a gorgeous glow.

 Nars Body Glow $59.00
A unique blend of Monoï de Tahiti oil combined with a rich chocolate shimmer for glowing, healthy and naturally fragrant skin. Native to the South Pacific, Monoï de Tahiti oil is composed of pure coconut extract macerated with the bud of the tiare flower, infusing the oil with nutrients as well as a delicate, natural fragrance. The ultimate multi-purpose beauty oil soothes and moisturizes the skin with an addition of rich chocolate shimmer for a natural glow. The lightweight, sheer oil is absorbed immediately on the skin.

Nars Laguna Body Illuminator $45.00
Golden glow from head to toe. Laguna Body Illuminator gives a beautiful bronzed radiance and delicately scents skin with exotic Monoi de Tahiti oil. After the success of NARS' award-winning, light-reflecting Illuminators for the face comes an Illuminator designed for body application that won't transfer onto clothing. Perfect for legs, neck and décolleté, the Body Illuminator is a summertime-only product.
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Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Bronze & Gold Shimmer Dust $39.00

Sparkle is a state of mind and this product adds dazzling shimmer to bare shoulders, legs, hair, and the décolleté. Its microcrystalline sparkle pigment is made almost entirely from a reflex material, which creates a luxurious and fantastical twinkle effects in a glowing bronze shade that's a perfect accent to a bronze complexion.
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Mac To The Beach Body Oil $22.50

A shimmering body oil formulated to bring a sheer sheen and sexy gleam to skin. Soothing, naturally emollient. Its fusion of three botanical oils helps soften, smooth and moisturize skin. Limited edition.
available in Man Rays & Seaside
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Too Faced Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer with Mangosteen Extra $35.00
This nourishing bronzer body oil gives the skin a sexy warm glow. It absorbs quickly, hydrating dry skin with an innovative combination of mangosteen fruit and coconut oil that nourishes and protects skin with easy-to-absorb anti-oxidants.
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Sephora Collection Illuminating Bronzing Oil $14.00

This lightly-tinted bronzing oil adds a glistening sunkissed effect to the body and hair. Formulated with grapeseed oil and shimmery metallic flecks, it instantly illuminates skin with an irresistibly golden glow.
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The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil $22.00
Give your skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer with a lightweight body oil.
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